My playlist (Possible future MCC songs pt.1)

As my list of possible songs to sing Sunday morning grows daily, I want to share what songs keep coming to the forefront. We add a new song about every 6 weeks. We know there is a lot of great music out there but we also don’t want overwhelm our fellowship by constantly introducing new songs. Sunday mornings when we worship through song, we want this to be the time we want our congregation to be able to sing and lose themselves in their adoration of our Father. Yet we also want to sing a new song and keep our church body in touch with what the larger Church body is singing to worship our Lord and King. As new songs and sounds continue to change with each generation the constant balancing act of connecting to songs we know in contrast to introducing new and different is the challenge and sometimes the frustration of every music leader in church. Yet it is also a great joy. To spend time pouring through these amazing songs praising our creator that amazingly talented artists have created is a true joy.

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