What you need to click… on a budget. (Using click and backing tracks pt.2)

Okay so I asked around and started to check out some of the sites that my buddy was using. So first the sites:

loop community – this is a site where users submit their “loops” and you can purchase them from $10-40 depending on your technological prowess.

Multitrack.com – This site is pretty amazing. This has the actual studio recording of the songs. You can buy the multi-track of the recording or make a custom mix of your own for about $12-15 depending what format you want.

So those two sites are my bread and butter. They have forums, discussion boards and instructions on how to use backing tracks.

So the next question is once I have the “track,” how do I play it? Do I bust out my iPod? 

Actually that would work. However there are some more advanced apps that work better in a live situation. I will start with what I use. These are available for both iPads and your iPhone.

Worship Team Director by WorshipTeam.Tv – This is a very simple and user friendly and syncs to your dropbox and box.com (you should get one of these too if you don’t already)

Loop Community Prime – This is to use exclusively with track bought on loop community. But it works well. I played with it and like its functionality (good because you can buy the $10 loop and get the ability of the $35 multitrack using this program) But it as said before it only works with Loop Community loops, as far as I can tell.

So what else do I need?

A couple more DI (direct box) boxes and some more cables. Check out this diagram from the loop community site.

After that you need your sound guy to send the click to your in-ear monitor and not the house mix and the enhancement to both. And then you can start playing with clicks and enhancements.

So… this can get a lot more complicated with programs like ableton live. But that is beyond  my field of knowledge so I am going to leave that out of my posts. (for now)

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