What you need for click …. on a budget (Pt. 3)

So I have my set list loaded on my iPad. I have bought a couple songs from loopcommunity.com and one from multitrack.com and loaded a click I made with metronomer.com and used garage band to make sure the click on only on the left side of the track. I have loaded all these onto my Worship Director ap on my iPad and now the real question… who presses play? And more importantly, who presses stop? 

Well this is where I have done it almost every way possible. And sadly I have often gone with the worst scenario. That being the leader pressing and starting the click / enhancement track. The way this has looked has been my mic stand holding not one, but two iPads. I used planning center’s music stand with the airturn BT-105. This enable me to play my guitar while turning the page of my music sheets on my iPad. The Worship Director Ap can also be used with your iPhone or other mobile device. I use the iPad because it is a large screen and easy to see when switching songs. 

The best / better option is using either:

1. The drummer: the reason for this is he or she is responsible for the beat or tempo so it is natural for them to start end the click as they see fit. 

2. The sound guy. This is great because then he or she knows when the click will start and usually feel pretty comfortable with the technology. However they would have to have a pretty good feel to know when to cut a click / enhancement track if you do get off beat. And, as it happened one sunday to me, they might start before you’re ready! That gets your “good morning church” speech over really quick.

3. The keyboard or the pads player. This is your best choice if you have a keyboard player who isn’t the piano player. This person usually is responsible for the fills and feeling of many of the songs. They are usually also tech savvy and are aware of what is going during the song and set. 

Another side note, don’t be afraid to stop the click / enhancement track. The greatest part of the worship director ap is that it fades rather than stops. So when you press the stop button the congregation can’t really tell. I have done both trying to catch up and get back on the beat and cut it right when you start to get off. The later is a much superior choice. Cut it when you are off live. 

Also when you are starting to use it, be patient. It won’t be great the first time. It may feel rigid but the more you play with a click you will see your time and tempo be more constant and steady. Your drummers will appreciate the worship leader actually staying on the beat!  


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