Livestream – The pain of watching yourself

My church uses livestream to broadcast our service each week. This is done so that anyone who isn’t able to make it to church on sunday morning can join us live or watch us later throughout the week. It is also to connect to MCC Falls City, which receives a live stream of our pastor preaching. This also provides me, your ever-learning worship leader with an opportunity… to watch myself. And it is horrible.

Now I know it is not about me and my shortcomings. However sometimes when I watch myself I wonder how people can get past some of my mistakes to engage in musical worship. But I know He is working a good thing in me and in my grace-filled congregation. And I am sure it doesn’t feel as painful to everyone there.

Back to my point.

Watching the last Sunday’s service gives me some amazing insights to what I need to work on. In fact I found this trail by fire (Sometimes you just want to look away) so useful I know have encouraged (almost required, if you can require things to my wonderful group of volunteers on the music team) my team to watch and listen to themselves as well. Often you don’t need someone to tell you what you are doing wrong when you can see it and hear it yourselves. I even got together with a few of my leaders and made a rubric both for the singers and instrumentalist to check on themselves. I am not going through to grade them, but I am encouraging them to grade themselves and write down a few things they can improve on for the next time they sing or play. So here’s to the pain of self-evaluation! Hear Hear!

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