Save a tree or three, upload these apps

Stop using sheet music! You have an iPad, time to start using it.

Here are the Apps in order of awesomeness.

1. OnSong


$15 a bit spendy for the initial purchase, but that’s it! Unlike Planning Center’s monthly subscription you just buy it one time! And it syncs with everything (Well not literally but close) SongSelect, Planning Center, Dropbox, iTunes, WorshipReady, and yes for you old schoolers Rockin’ With The Cross. This also takes music off websites (Ultimate Guitar Tabs anyone?) So you are not limited by what SongSelect has. The kicker for me was the projector that is part of this program. Perfect for a house worship set when its just you, your guitar and your iPad.

2. Planning Center Music Stand


Works amazing and is always improving. The app is free so if your church already has a subscription then download it, mess with it it has more features than you think.

Oh yeah one more thing. Buy a foot pedal. Totally worth it.

I use this one:


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