Who this is for:

Worship leaders who lead a small or mid-sized churches that a looking to grow.

My story began when I came back from China to my home church. Before I returned I got in contact with the new youth guy letting him know I would be back and town and would love to help out. He ran the youth group and a college group. When I returned I lead the college group’s worship, helped organize and plan each the worship sets. During this time the current head pastor retired and the church approached Sean move into the lead position. This in turn put me in a rotation with 2 other worship leaders for service on Sunday mornings. As time went by, I went from 1 Sunday a month to 2 Sundays to eventually being hired as the worship director in charge of all the team.

Oh a little more background. I have been to college a couple of times… neither degree has anything to do with music. Okay, moving on…

This blog is for the worship leader who is figuring out what can I do next? I know there is a lot of resources available but I am not sure how they will look in our situation or how they will work with our congregation.

So these posts are to show what we did here. I knew almost nothing when it came to being “the main worship guy” other than the little experience I had leading groups with my acoustic guitar overseas, and playing behind other worship leaders. This blog shows what I have learned in my short career as a worship director.



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